OGF Academy was set up to birth & enhance business performance through Business and Entrepreneurial training/mentoring to Nigerians, thereby fostering business success. 

OGF Academy was founded by Tokunbo Akeredolu-Ale, a business solutions consultant, that combines personal business experience, & capabilities across varying sectors. He effectively collaborates with clients to help them become high-performance people, businesses and institutions. 

As an entrepreneur and business strategist who places premium on the art of self development and mastery, He strongly believes that any person or organization can become his/her or its dream if key skills are fostered, as he has been a trusted consultant to business owners across Nigeria and Ghana. 

Over the years, he has shown small business owners, managers and the self-employed how to win more customers and increase their profits using Advanced Marketing, Advertising and Internet strategies. he has also shown a number of business owners how to grow their business  increase their profits, free up their time, transform their business strategy and radically shift their Entrepreneurial thinking. 

He combines effective Entrepreneurial success, Marketing and Internet Marketing strategies – with powerful developments in Advanced Thinking – to show small business owners how to sharpen their mind and strengthen their businesses.

OGF Academy provides quality entrepreneurial business-education through a wide range of programmes and services.  

OGF Academy is committed to encouraging wealth creation in Nigeria. 

Since inception,
OGF Academy has worked, and continues to work, with a wide range of institutions and organizations both local and international. It has also received tremendous cooperation from public-spirited individuals. 

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