OMNIBUS INSTITUTE FOR PROFESSIONAL LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIA - OIPLD RC NO: 1958869 is ESTABLISHED BY CAMA ACT 2020 And Is Affiliated With Globally Recognized European And NUC Accredited West African Universities. Approved By The Nigerian Federal Ministry Of Education.
Omnibus institute for professional learning and development was incorporated to establish the institute as a centre of excellence in integrated marketing and digital communication, customer relationship management, human capital development and public relations management for promoting the highest standards of professional competence and practice.

We organize and provide training and continuing professional education to group officers of the participating services including the organization of refresher courses at the senior and middle levels. We undertake and promote research/consultancy studies in the fields of integrated marketing, digital communication, budgeting, fiscal management, customer and public relationship management, and related subjects.

Omnibus institute for professional learning and development carries-on advisory services designed to build and support high-performing human resources teams in research and resources development. As trainers, mentors and education strategists who place a premium on the art of self-development and mastery, the Omnibus institute for professional learning and development strongly believes that any person or organization can become his/her or its dream if key skills are fostered, as they have been trusted educational consultants to many students across Nigeria and Ghana.

The Omnibus institute for professional learning and development combines effective strategies with powerful developments in advanced thinking to show education seekers how to sharpen their minds and strengthen their goals through relevant knowledge addition. Omnibus institute for professional learning and development provides quality education through a wide range of programmes and services and is committed to encouraging academic excellence, institutional membership networking, degrees and certificates facilitation, and success creation in Nigeria.

Since its inception, Omnibus institute for professional learning and development has worked, and continues to work, with a wide range of institutions and organizations both local and international. It has also received tremendous patronage in this regard. We are currently strategic providers, representatives, career advisors, administrators, and consultants in different areas including but not limited to administration, human resources management, logistics and supply chain management, warehousing and materials management, supply chain management, customer relationship management, project management, contract project and facility management, social media & digital marketing.

The objectives of our education institution are academic training, re-training, advanced training and certification geared towards improving educational level, quality and performance.

OMNIBUS INSTITUTE FOR PROFESSIONAL LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT - OIPLD Offers Professional certificate, diploma, advanced diploma, BSc, PGD, MSc MBA, PhD, fellowship, doctoral fellowship, honorary doctoral fellowship, honorary fellowship, or professorial fellowship from the under-listed schools:

1. Swiss school of business research (Zürich Switzerland)
2. Omnibus Institute For Professional Learning and Development - OIPLD (Nigeria)
3. European Institute of Management And Technology - EIMT (Zug, Switzerland)
4. Omnibus global academy - OGA (Nigeria)
5. Omniversity - OMV (Nigeria)
6. Cavalla International University, California (USA)
7. IAEC University, (Togo)
8. ESCT University, (Benin Republic)
9. Weldios University, (Benin Republic)
10. IUB University, (Benin Republic)
11. Protestant University of West Africa, (Benin Republic)
12. European American University, (Uganda)
13. The Oxford Center For Leadership, (United kingdom)
14. Ecole Supérieure Euro-Américaine (France)

Tokunbo Akeredolu-Ale 
(Dipl. Adv.Dipl. BSc PGD MSc PhD, DBA)
Executive Director, 
Omniversity Academy/Omnibus Institute For Professional Learning and Development/Omnibus Global Academy. 
18 Alafia Street, Ifako-Ijaiye, Lagos Nigeria
WHATSAPP: +2348185000488 

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